Starting Points North Moravia

III) Museum

(taken from: Andreas Hanacek, "Kleiner Wegweiser für die Familienforschung im Kreis Sternberg und Umgebung in Nordmähren (Entwurf)" [Little guide for genalogical research in the county Sternberg and its surrounding area in North Moravia (draft version)])


Heimatstube Augezd, Torhaus, 36151 Burghaun
[documents, copy of the Augezd land register, picture archives, old historical dressings, rebuildings of Augezder farming furniture]

Giebauer Heimatstube, Alte Karolinger Schule, 64653 Lorsch
[Family and house card file with pictures of persons and houses of Giebau from 1635 until today, house owner card file Giebau 1677-1945, family trees, documents, picture archives, about 200 volumes local history literature]

Mährisch Neustädter Heimatstube, Altes Schloß, 65549 Limburg/Lahn
[Documents, picture archives, about 350 volumes local history literature, historical dressing puppets, paintings]

Sternberger Archiv und Heimatstube, Rathausgasse, 89312 Günzburg
[documents, local history literature, about 3000 photos, about 4500 negatives]

Sudetendeutsche Heimatsammlung (in Brauschweig), früher Privatsammlng Heiliger, Bertramstraße 20A, 38102 Braunschweig
[main collecting area Mährisch Aussee]

Bärner Heimatstube, Jahnstrasse 2, 35428 Langgöns
[collecting area: town Bärn and the places of the former political county Bärn, about 4000 volumes literature, among them 35 place chronicals, place maps of nearly all settlements, inhabitant list of the places]

Further museum can be taken from the book 'Sudetendeutsche Heimatsammlungen' [look at literature VI].

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