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Additional information on German archives (also on not mentioned ones)- especially about opening hours, technical equipment and genealogical stock - are appreciated.

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I) Notes

II) Common German Terms

A) State and Private Archives

The archives are sorted by "Bundesländer" and their administrative subdivisions and by the area of responsiblity. Within the "Landkreise" the "Kreisarchiv" (if known or existent) is listed first, the other archives are listed alphabetically by their location. If the corresponding administrative subdivision for a location isn't known, it can be determined through using GEOserv (by Arthur Teschler, Gießen, Germany). Furthermore is the assignment of a location to a "Landkreis" often shown in a road atlas

If the searched location isn't listed (yet), it is recommended to direct the inquiry to the corresponding "Kreisarchiv", which should be able to forward it. Many municipalities and also smaller towns have deposited their archives material in the "Kreisarchiv". Furthermore are in town archives of smaller town often only part time or honorary archivists occupied, so that a response to an inquiry can require up to some months.

B) Church Archives

The Church Archives are listed alphabetically by their locations.

C) Archives of Concerns

The Archives are listed alphabetically by the name of the concern within the corresponding country the location of the archives is belonging to.

D) Military Archives

The Military Archives are listed alphabetically by their collection areas.

E) Special Archives

Appendix A: Further Listings of Archives

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