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Some weirdo :-)

This is an environmentally friendly homepage made from 100% recycled bits. No computers were harmed during its construction, owing to the fact that not a single line of Microsoft code was executed to build this page.

Do not pay attention to the weird person on the left.


Hi, and welcome to my home page. Please have a look around to see if you find anything of interest. If you want to send me some feedback, you can do so via e-mail.

I've tried to make it reasonably easy to navigate through these pages. If you get lost despite of that, you can always come back here via the Home button in the menu near the top of each page; or you can simply use the Site Map to go to a specific page.

I had a list of interesting links here, but maintaining it was a pain and there is now something much better:

Warum Englisch?

Weil es auf dem Web mehr Deutsche gibt, die Englisch sprechen, als sonst jemanden, der Deutsch versteht. Außerdem finde ich die neue Rechtschreibung immer noch gräulich.

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