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Excavations at the Carmelite friary in Esslingen am Neckar

Aerial photo
Aerial photo of the excavation area.
The building of an extension to the Esslingen Technical College on a plot of land directly outside the medieval city centre on the Kiesstraße, known since the Middle Ages as "Auf dem Kies" (roughly translatable as "on the banks"), threatened an area known to have been the site of a Carmelite Friary, founded at the end of the 13th century.
The efforts of the Baden-Württemberg State Monuments Office to preserve this area as an archaeological "research park" for future generations were ultimately unsuccessful, but an agreement was reached which allowed the archaeologists time in which to rescue as much as possible. Accordingly, large scale excavations were undertaken in 1991-92.
The excavations were followed with great interest by the general public, so that the Department for Medieval Archaeology of the State Monuments Office, Stuttgart, and the City of Esslingen Museum decided to mount an Internet exhibition about the results as soon as the post-excavation work was completed. For the first time in Baden-Württemberg, an attempt has been made to reconstruct the various building phases with the help of threedimensional computer-generated images, not forgetting that this is only meant to provide an impression of how we think things might have been.
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