Archaeology in Baden-Württemberg
  Excavations at the Deserted Medieval Village of Vöhingen


Wagenspuren im Weg From field-names and boundaries on the oldest boundary map (1830 ?) knowledge can be gained of the road system in and around Vöhingen. Archaeological excavation reveals this to have consisted mostly of hollow ways, whose depth indicates long use. The south wall of the graveyard apparently collapsed several times into the hollow way directly outside of it, and had to be repaired repeatedly.
The north-south running "Vöhinger Graben" (literally "Vöhingen Ditch", indicating the state of the hollow way) was also consolidated in part by the building of a small wall.
Where no buildings prevented it, the tracks could in time reach considerable widths, as is demonstrated by the 20 m wide stretch in the northeast of the excavated area.
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