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III) Military records

(taken from: Andreas Hanacek, "Kleiner Wegweiser für die Familienforschung im Kreis Sternberg und Umgebung in Nordmähren (Entwurf)" [Little guide for genalogical research in the county Sternberg and its surrounding area in North Moravia (draft version)])

In Austria to which area North Moarvia was belonging until 1918, general conscription was started in the year 1867. The duration of the consciption was at the beginning four, then e.g. in the year 1880 three, and finally at least in the year 1882 two years. Afterwards the recruit had to serve seven years in the reserves and two years in the home guard. During this time he had to participate regularly in reserve duty trainings. Many men of the Sternberg area (North Moravia) did serve in the KK infantery regiment No. 54, which has been stationed at Olmütz.

While the first Czech Rebublic the conscrtiption duration also has been two years.

If the service dates and military units of male ancestors are known, one can write the Austrian National Archives (War Archives) at Vienna. But this will only work for those conscripts, which weren't no longer in military observation at the point of the foundation of the first Czech Republic. For those conscripts the militarical history institute at Prague is appropriate.

Inquireries without giving of the military unit have significant reduced chances of matches.

( -> see also Archives)

The extracts from the conscription roles of the Austrian Army contain around 1800 e.g. details about height, practised job, education, state of health and judgements about the conduct during the military service.

For the existence of Military parish books - survey of the year 1940 - have a look at Blaschka [look at literature VI]

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