Archaeology in Baden-Württemberg
  Excavations at the Deserted Medieval Village of Vöhingen

The Church

Eastern part of the church excavated

Ground-plan of the church

The church in Vöhingen, dedicated to the oriental soldier-saints Sergios and Bacchos, is mentioned in documents and in field-names. Excavations revealed four building phases; the first, a wooden, posthole construction was followed by a rectangular building with stone foundations. Later the east wall was partially demolished to add an apse.
The next phase consisted of the enclosing of this apse through construction of a wall immediately to the west of it; it remains unclear whether this was because of major rebuilding at the time or because the west end of the church was falling into ruin.
The last phase was a general reconstruction to produce a rectangular ground plan, with the chancel the same width as the nave. The massive foundations may indicate a tower at the east end, above the chancel.

To locate the church geomagnetic and geoelectric surveys have been untertaken.
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