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Archaeology in Baden-Württemberg

This is a list of links to selected archaeological monuments in Baden-Württemberg:

- Last update: 1 Nov. 2002 -

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Protected MonumentMount Ipf
Prehistoric hillfort and settlement
Protected MonumentCeltic Chietain's Grave of Eberdingen-Hochdorf
The Grave Barrow of the Celtic chieftain and its finds
Protected MonumentCeltic oppidum
The Celtic oppidum »Heidengraben« at Grabenstetten (in German only)
Protected MonumentThe 30,000 years old 'Lion-Man' from Hohlenstein-Stadel.
The mammoth ivory figurine from Hohlenstein-Stadel Cave in the valley of the Lone
Protected MonumentCrop Marks
The Roman villa near Langenau (in German only)
Protected MonumentJewish Graves
The jewish cemetery of Eichtersheim (in German only)
Protected MonumentThe Anhausenian Wall
Wall and crop marks of Anhausen Monastery (in German only)
Protected MonumentRoman villa at Heitersheim
Roman villa urbana and Maltese castle (in German only)
Protected MonumentRoman villas in the Klettgau
Roman villas in the borderlands of Southern Germany and Switzerland (in German only)
Protected MonumentOpen-air museum at Hechingen-Stein
Roman Villa rustica (1st - 3rd century AD)
Protected MonumentA Pilot's view
Aerial photos of archaeological sites by Otto Braasch

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This is a very personal selection from the thousands of archaeological monuments in Baden-Württemberg. - If YOU want to contribute to this page, if you have any comments or questions, please contact me:

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